Who Wouldn’t Help

Who wouldn’t help? Earlier this week a woman was driving her car near Tucson, Arizona. She drove up on an owl which she thought was injured. She loaded the owl into her car so she could take it somewhere to be helped. The owl woke up and dug it talons into her sleeve and her steering wheel. he woman wound up calling her mother for help. Her mother called the Game & Fish Department and they told her to throw some water on the owl. That didn’t help the owl drank the water and continued to hold on. Eventually the owl let go and got out of the car. The next day The woman’s mother spotted the owl in the same area appearing to be fine. The Arizona Game & Fish Department advised people not to risk getting hurt aiding injured wildlife after the incident. The owl probably drives better than some of the drivers I’ve seen around town. A few weeks ago when I walked out of the house the birds were cackling like crazy. I looked up in the tree and there was an owl sitting on one of the branches. I told Cindy there’s an owl in our tree. She tried to take his picture. He was camera shy and flew away with the others birds chasing after him. This owl was big enough to carry our chihuahua away if it wanted to.



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