Why Garth Brooks Bows to Trisha Yearwood

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are couple goals for sure, but there is a gesture that binds them together that is so sweet and is a tradition for the couple.  Garth explained during an episode of his Facebook Livestream “Inside Studio G” that when he and Trisha started singing together she told him he had to bow to her after every song, “then she probably started feeling guilty I was bowing, so she’d bow back,” laughed Garth. 

Garth continued his explanation saying the bow was out of respect, “of her gift, of her talent, and the fact that she’s done it on her own, as a woman in this business.” Garth says he’s a big fan of Trisha’s voice and “One of the greatest crimes in country music history right now: Trisha Yearwood is not in the Country Music Hall of Fame yet.”

Do you agree that Trisha Yearwood has one of the best voices in country music? YES

Should she have a place in the Country Music Hall of Fame? ONE DAY!

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