World Series of Poker

Last night I watched the World Series of Poker on ESPN it was parts 17 & 18 of the season. If you know me you know I love poker and would love to play someday in the WSOP tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada. It doesn’t have to be the main event which cost $10,000 to get in. Just any event. Seven years ago I became old enough to play in the senior event. Two summer’s ago I had enough money for the $1,000 buy in. The most I’ve ever paid to get into a tournament was $550. I had a decision to make do I spend the $1,000 to get in or do I spend a little over $700 and re-sod my backyard. The backyard looked terrible from the drought that we were in the previous summer. So do I get into the senior event with the possibility of losing the grand? Or do I get the sure thing a backyard I wanted for me and my dogs? I believe in my poker abilities but there’s always the what if? I was knocked out of the $550 tournament by someone calling with a 4-2 off suit. Even though I hadn’t played any hands even when I was in the blinds the second day of the tournament. I was card dead and when I got an Ace – nine in the big blind I raised 4 times the blind. I hit the nine on the flop with the nine being the top card with a four on the board. I bet big again. Only to be called. some other rag card smaller than the nine came on the turn. I made another big bet, then a four on the river. I was all-in and I was out of the tournament against trip 4’s. Everyone at the table looked at each other and asked he called with a 4-2 off? Everybody remembers the hand that knocks them out of a tournament. How many do we remember that won us a tournament? Anyway the guy that knocked me out happened to walk by while my friends and I were in the bar. I asked him if he cashed, he said he did. I told him I think you owe me a drink. He did buy me and my friends a round of Coors Light. This year’s senior event winner is a fellow Texan. Johnnie Craig of Baytown took home $538,204. The November nine was set back in July. Each player in the final nine is a millionaire. The top prize for this year’s main event is a guaranteed 8 million dollars. second place is $4,658,452 followed by:

3rd place: $3,451,175

4th place: $2,574,808

5th place: $1,934,579

6th place: $1,463,906

7th place: $1,250,000

8th place: $1,100,000

9th place: $1,000,000

Play will resume on October 30th in level 35 with the blinds at 250,000 and 500,000 and an ante of 75,000 with three days of primetime coverage on ESPN. In last night’s coverage there was one player that pretty much had the whole tablet on tilt. William Kassouf of Great Britian seemed to take forever to play and his talk got under most of the table players’ skin. The clock was called a few times on him. Then it was called on other players. Which I didn’t agree with on the other player. It felt like most of the players a that table were getting restless. Kassouf collected a lot of chips because players were hoping to take chips out of his big stack. If it had been another player would they have called? I doubt it but who knows? Kassouf was definitely the villain last night. I already know where Kassouf finished. I wanted to know if he made the final table so I looked it up at the World Series of Poker website. Good luck to the November nine from chip leader to number nine in chips: Cliff Josephy from Syosset, New York, Qui Nguyen from Las Vegas, Nevada, Gordon Vayo of San Francisco, California, Kenny Hallaert from Hansbeke, Belgium, Michael Ruane from Maywood, New Jersey, Vojtech Ruzicka from Prague, Czech Republic, Griffin Benger from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Jerry Wong from Brooklyn, New York and Fernando Pons from Palma, Spain. By the way my backyard looks great.



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