Newspaper reporter rated worst job in America…


A new survey from CareerCast┬áhas revealed that Newspaper reporter is the worst job in America. How could this be? Charles Foster Kane was a newspaper man and look at his achievements? What about Clark Kent? He seemed to make a pretty good living working and disguising himself as a newspaper reporter. My o my, has time changed. Over the long Memorial Day weekend, I found myself watching classic war movies on Turner Classic Movies. I’m sucker for the classics. What’s unusual is how important of a job newspaper reporting used to be. You would hear a guy say, “I’m a newspaper man!” Which means they were there to get to the bottom of something. Now what do they do? The world wide interweb has really changed how we look at careers in media. Oh yeah, in case you were wondering, broadcasting was 3rd worst on the list. Those working in media credit the demise of media based jobs to the decline in advertising revenue. As for the best job in America in 2016, that goes to a data scientist. On average they pull around $128,240 a year. Don’t let any of this stop you. If you want it bad enough, go out and get it!



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