Zeke To Sit Finally

Raise your hand if you knew this was coming. Raise your hand if you hoped it would not happen till next season? I’m talking about the suspension of Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott. If Zeke did hat he’s accused of he deserves the six games hand down to him by NFL Commissioner┬áRoger Goodell. If not, he’s getting the raw deal just like Tom Brady got for under inflated footballs. I strongly disagree with a man EVER raising a hand to a woman. A female friend of mine says if a woman puts herself in that place, as in hitting a man first, she deserves what she gets. I still disagree. It’s just me but my type of woman is usually smaller than me and will not raise her hand to me either. I will leave the room, the house, wherever I am before I’ll hit a woman. Even if the woman is Ronda Rousey, That’s a butt kicking I’ll have to take. Only two people really know what happened in that room between Zeke and his ex Tiffany Thompson. he NFL’s lead investigator found there wasn’t enough evidence to support a suspension and questioned the credibility of the accuser. Goodell ruled Elliott used physical force against his ex which Elliott strongly denies. Zeke will likely miss Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs and will return to the playing field when the Cowboys play the Raiders week 15. That of course barring any other appeals.



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