When it comes to a man putting his hand on a woman in an act of violence I completely disagree with it. The NFL gave Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott a six game suspension after it’s year long investigation. Zeke maintains his innocence and is expected to appeal his sentence tomorrow. Two people know for sure what happened last year in July. Zeke and his ex-girlfriend Tiffany Thompson. Zeke was never arrested in the case and it’s been reported she told Zeke she was going to ruin his career. The prosecutor Columbus said he didn’t believe that he could make a case because of conflicting and inconsistent information. In jumps the NFL with it’s own investigation and they determined that Zeke did cause this woman some harm of different occasions the week of July 16th, 2016. It’s reported Tiffany encourgaed a friend to lie about an assault on July 22nd. That’s what got the NFL to investigate the case. The NFL admits that Tiffany lied about the assault on the 22nd but they believe she was attacked the previous week on three occasions by Zeke. Team owner Jerry Jones is so mad about the case that he hasn’t talked to the media in three days. Jerry has said he has seen the evidence and no assault occurred and he believed Zeke would not be be disciplined. If Zeke hit this woman he deserves to be punished if not his name needs to be cleared. The NFL has better investigators than the police and prosecutors in Colombus, Ohio? IMHO I believe the NFL gave Zeke a six game suspension knowing he would appeal and it will get knocked down to what they really wanted to give him four games. I think part of this is about his behavior at the St. Patrick’s Day parade, his alleged involvement in a bar fight and his visit to a to Herban Legends dispensary in Seattle. Zeke if your are innocent fight on. If not sit out. This will give you time to reflect on life and career. You are under a microscope wherever you may go and you need to be very careful because people will test you looking for a big payday.



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