Apartment living can be tough especially if you don’t have the brightest neighbor. This happened in St. Petersburg, Florida. The temperature fell into the 30s. One man decided to warm up his apartment by stacking some newspapers and setting them on fire at around three in the morning. The fire set off smoke alarms and caused residents to evacuate the building while the fire department responded to the alarm. Good news no one was injured. The man in his mid 60s did find a warm place to stay. Jail.

Have you ever lived in an apartment and there was a fire? When I lived in an apartment the lady that lived next door left some candles burning and the flames engulfed her apartment. The fire department broke down my door to make sure no one was inside. When I got home that night the apartment manager told me I would have to find somewhere else to stay that night and the American Red Cross could help me out. I told her I could stay at my dad’s house. One of the firemen told me I could go inside my apartment and grab anything I needed.

It was a Tuesday night so I grabbed my bowling balls and went to bowl. The look on his face was priceless. There was nothing I could do so why not bowl? I had a place to stay the night. The next day I was back in my apartment.