This is probably something I would have done in my college days. Sunday night a group of students at Penn State held a candlelight vigil for the loss of a dear friend. A Taco Bell. The closest one is now two miles away. Some of the students even delivered eulogies. The location was open for nine years offering food all day long.

Back in the day Amarillo was the host city for the National Women’s Invitational Tournament. My first year of college I was working from 10 p.m. till 2 a.m. and some of my friends and co-workers were at the games and they came up to the station. It was obvious that they’d been drinking and they wanted to drive from here to Dallas to eat breakfast. I told them “no way.” Then one suggested we drive to Lubbock to buy donuts at Winchell’s Donuts. I told them I’d go but I would have to drive. It Became a tradition for years after the basketball tournament.

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