I learned a long time ago from a country artist, but I can’t remember which one, he avoided touching his face with his hands to avoid catching colds. He told me that he met so many people backstage and meet & greets that it was easy to catch colds by making contact with strangers. It’s flu season and a lot of folks are afraid on the coronavirus.

I’ve seen people use the bathroom in the building over here at 3505 Oslen Blvd. and walk out without washing their hands. I know that’s a person that if I see him in the foyer I’m not shaking his hand. I might not even give him a fist bump. I have a friend that makes a big production of out when he leaves the bathroom he washed his hands. I’ll shake his hand when I see him. Not a lot of people do handshakes anymore they’ve opted to the fist bump.

I find it awkward when I walk up to someone and offer them my hand and they want a fist bump or vice versa. How about when you go in for a handshake and the other person wants a hug? Awkward.

On the rare occasion that I feel like I’m catching a cold and the other person is a kisser I’ll tell that person I might be coming down with something so It’s best that we hug.

In this day and time if you want to avoid touching a person you could always say I just changed a baby’s diaper and I haven’t had a chance to wash my hands yet. I’ll be right back.

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