One here for all the big kids like me:

Lego and Nintendo have come together to make a model of an old-school NES made out of legos!
…and yes, I realize “legos” isn’t the proper term, and that it should be “LEGO bricks,” but I grew up calling them legos, so I’ll call it whatever I want to. As my wife tells me so often, “I do what I want!”

Now, the keyword here is “model.” It’s not an actual Nintendo console made out of legos that you can plug into your TV and play Pac-Man on (how AWESOME would that be?!). It is purely a model, but part of the build is another really cool model of a little retro TV that you can build a Mario scene into. So, when you turn the crank on the side it scrolls from left to right and looks like you’re playing a game of Mario.

The set includes 2,646 pieces, so it’ll keep you busy for a while. The major drawback is that it costs $229.99. Still, it is pretty cool and Christmas is coming, so if this sounds like something that’s perfect for the big kid in your life check it out right here.

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