Randy Travis has released new music for the first time since his stroke in 2013.

“Fool’s Love Affair” is actually sort of a mix of a new song and an old one. Randy’s voice in the song is from a demo that he recorded 36 years ago. Since then, it sat on a shelf until Kyle Lehning and Charlie Monk could get to work on finding the original tracks that made that demo and remaster it to make a song worth releasing today. The result is sort of like an immaculate 1960 Corvette. It’s not technically new, but it’s easily just as good if not better than a new one. The even better news is that Randy told the Today Show this week that there’s more songs just like this one to come.

Also, for all you TikTok users out there, Randy has his own profile there too. It took him all of two days to rack up more than 4.5 million views because, you know, he’s Randy Travis.

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