TJ Osborne Says, The Response To Him Coming Out Has Been All Love

Tj Osborne is opening up about life since coming out as gay.  In an interview with CBS This Morning, he said, “Once I finally came out, I didn’t really understand the magnitude of how much people cared about me and loved me and supported me. Had I known that the whole time, I would have done it probably a long time ago and saved myself a lot of strife?” He also said, “It has been a tsunami of love, almost to the point that it was hard for me to comprehend it for several days.

My close family and friends have known for a while. At the same time, I felt publicly I was stuck in a second gear phase that type of attention is just uncomfortable.

To be able to do that in that moment, to do it in one fell swoop, it was nice …

For me, it was that moment of just taking a leap of faith.

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